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    You manage to hit the bison directly between the eyes and its front legs give way. You spend a long time carving out the meat, wondering which organs to keep and what you could do with the fat. There isn’t any convenient way to keep the meat frozen so you try to dry out as much as you can in the sun. You’ve heard about the benefits of caloric reduction so you decide it’s safe to ration your meals down to a meager level and up the pace of your oxen – that is until one of them keels over.

    However, when you stop at the Devil’s Tower landmark and talk and trade with some of the other travelers there, you save a male and female ox before they are sacrificed by a Satanic cult by trading them your rifle and the rest of your ammunition. Eventually, you find yourself somewhere in the middle of Wyoming. The last of that meat from the bison is still hanging around even though it’s disgusting and crawling with strange Brachycera flies and maggots. And an olive-green puddle of water you’ve come to is the only water for miles around…


    If you eat the last of the meat, hold your nose and turn to page 32.

    If you drink the water first, take a gulp at page 79.


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