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    “Would you like something to drink, sweetie, or do you know what you want?”

    “Y’know, I’m feeling like a hearty meal right now. I think I’ll have dinner early.”

    As you sit and eat your venison and lutefisk, a man with a short-trimmed beard comes up to your table and gives you a big smile.

    “I admire your brawny taste in food!,” he says and surprises you further by assuming that you’re a male when it’s plain to see the twin lumps on your chest. “A man’s gotta eat his meat, huh!”

    You put your fork down to give him room for what he has to say. Turns out it’s a business proposal.

    “Look, there’s been a lightnin’-fast strike by the trucker’s union and I’m in desperate need of someone to drive my 18-wheeler of cargo. I’m puttin’ $3000 in it for you. What do you say?”

    If the offer weren’t so shady, you’d take him up on the opportunity as an omen that might lead to the meaning of Lost Dakota. After you turn him down, finish your meal, and step outside, you take a moment to connect to the Wi-Fi on your netbook to help weigh your options about how to make the most of your quest out west…


    Devils Tower has always fascinated you after watching Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Go there on page 199.

    Yellowstone Park. That’s the most famous of the national parks, right? Go to page 177 to visit Yellowstone.

    That guy’s still sitting inside at the same table. Take his offer up on page 190.


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