• Some Underviewed Youtube Channels

    Alan Tutorial is the hilarious handicapped brainchild of Alan Resnick, hipsterish video-artist extraordinaire. The channel does have over 4.1 million views as of today, but the execution and originality of its absurdist humor deserves millions more. The same suspension of disbelief that Andy Kaufman brought is lurking in these videos chronicling this faceless tutorial-maker who somehow lives on his own despite having the mind of a 4-year-old (that is, until he gets lost in the woods and is then institutionalized in later episodes).

    Your Dinosaurs Are Wrong isn’t actually a channel, but rather a series within a larger channel of shows, The Geek Group. At only around 10,000 views per video, stinkin’ smart Steven Bellettini‘s analyses over the finer points of dinosaur anatomy via grossly misrepresented rubber toys made in Taiwan need more love than they’re getting. It’s a pity I can’t subscribe to a playlist of his videos like I can to a channel.

    At under 600K views on YouTube, effedupstories hosted by Will Pender and Ryan Sharpe is sure to build a larger listening base with more uploads. Their show is like a more focused and even more daring version of Coast-to-Coast AM with guests going into greater detail about the provocatively paranormal. (And since we’re on the subject of Fortean phenomena and such, Jack Barnes Jeff Andersen is the name of one of the better Bigfoot channels on YouTube I’ve come across.)

    EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLE is more than just a YouTube channel, of course, and you may even be familiar some of the videos from its vast archives, but I still count it as underappreciated. It’s videos are your worst cringeworthy nightmares…plus more and more until the disgust portion of your brain weakens into a state of battered and submissive laughter. Be aware, there’s a weird love-hate relationship that you may slip into with these…Here are a couple favorites: